Diseases that can be caused by junk food

Diseases that can be caused by junk food

It’s not new to our modern world. Junk food is a food item that is high in carbohydrates and fats as well as salt, but with very little vitamin or protein. These types of food items are frequently associated with fast-food establishments.

Junk food has been popular for centuries, but it became more prominent during the 1900s due to the popularity of television. There are a variety of types of junk food, however they all share a few common issues.

One issue of junk food are the nutrition it does not contain. Many people feel that these foods like chips and soda, are fast snack, but they are not the most healthy choice.

They have been found to increase the risk of developing heart disease1 and diabetes2, but it is not the only issue.

Junk food is also proven to cause acne, 3 tooth decay, and even obesity5. A study was conducted by schools to find out the percentage of students who believed the junk food they consume was unhealthy for their health.


The results were shocking. 42% of children aged 12 and under believed that junk food was unhealthy as did 25% of those aged 16 believed the same.6 The companies that sell junk food realize that their products aren’t nutritious,

and try to market their products by saying that it tastes great.

Another issue of junk food are the advertisements. Food companies that sell junk food try to promote a lifestyle by their foods.

The companies have ads on the sale of their French fries that feature people having fun eating their fries. These kinds of advertisements don’t show the negative elements of food, such as the way it can trigger heart disease or cause you to become obese.

These ads can cause children to form unhealthful eating behaviors that remain with them for many years. Certain people are of the opinion that if the product has been promoted in a playful manner,

It must be nutritious and be a physical activity like soccer or football. These types of advertisements to make it appear they are nutritious and enjoyable.

Heart Disease

The heart disease has been identified as the most common cause of death across the world. There are a variety of risks for heart disease, however one of them is overweight. Obesity and junk food typically occur in tandem according to an analysis of middle school students carried out by the CDC in the range of 20.4 percent and 33.6 percent of the students were overweight or overweight.

Students are at a higher chance of suffering from heart disease later in the course of their lives. The fast food and junk food environment is a large aspect of our society today and it is apparent that the majority of people aren’t ready to end the cycle.


One of the main causes of death among Americans is diabetes. It can be due to obesity or an unhealthy lifestyle, both are linked to eating junk food. According to the American Diabetes Association has noticed an increase in the number patients suffering from diabetes since the year 1980..

They believe one of the reasons for this increase is fast-food establishments. Fast-food restaurants are convenient, however, they offer food items that are high in amounts of sugar and unhealthy fats.

It can result in individuals gaining weight and becoming diabetic. The risk of developing diabetes increases with cancer and heart disease and both are extremely deadly.

Acne 3

It is among the most frequent skin issues today. Acne is caused by blocked pores, excessive oil that is absorbed by the skin and also by bacteria. Consuming junk food can trigger acne due to its excessive amounts of sugar.

that block pores. Acne is scientifically proven to reduce self-esteem and can cause anxiety and depression. This may also impact academic performance for certain individuals..

Tooth decay 4

Junk food has excessive amounts of sugar that can lead in tooth decay. Teeth can break or loosen and result in an increase risk of developing heart diseases. These are hazardous and deadly, therefore people should steer clear of eating junk food if they are looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Foods that are junky are extremely unhealthy and the major ingredient is fat. The liver stores excess fat that our bodies do not require, and when the liver gets overloaded, it starts to store the fat in different areas of the body.

This could lead to overweight and obesity-related ailments such as heart disease or diabetes. The best advice is to stay away from junk foods to prevent becoming obese and to also avoid becoming an unintentional statistic.

Non-alcoholic Fat liver disease

The majority of people consume excessive amounts of carbohydrate and fats like sugars, for example, could cause the liver to be overloaded. The liver ends up being damaged and inflamed that is known as non-alcoholicfatty liver disease (NAFLD). This could eventually cause cancer of the liver, and also increase the risk of developing heart disease.

Gain in weight

Junk food contains a lot of calories. Those who consume junk food be more likely to gain weight. This increases the chance of developing heart disease and diabetes, as well as putting more burden on the body. The consumption of junk food is not necessary for your body to function which is why individuals should avoid junk food in order to live an active lifestyle.

Bad eating habits

If you’re fed up with eating junk food the body doesn’t be able to recognize how it reacts to healthy foods. Fast food is addicting, which is the reason it is often difficult to get rid of it. It is basically the same thing each when you dine at the fast food restaurant, therefore you should avoid eating junk food and live an enlightened life.

Craves of Junk food

Many people crave food that they’ve eaten often and that’s why it’s difficult to get rid of junk food. Your body will inform that you need more junk food items and you’ll find yourself craving to eat more food items. This is the reason people should refrain from eating too many junk food in order to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Insufficient nutrients

Foods that are processed and junk lack numerous nutrients that your body requires. One of the nutrients that is lacking is fiber, which helps prevent constipation and ensure your digestive system is healthy.

It has also been scientifically proved to aid in the loss of weight and to help with diabetes. The junk food we consume has the least amount of fiber. This is the reason why one should not having them when they are looking to live a healthy and balanced life.

Social Isolation 8

Consuming junk food can cause social issues for individuals especially those who are familiar with eating junk food throughout the. Consuming junk food can lead to social isolation since it’s not something people believe is appropriate for all occasions.

It is for instance, it should make sense not to take chips in a bag at a party for a birthday for a baby’s shower or birthday party. It is recommended to avoid eating junk food for those who want to lead a an active lifestyle and also maintain a lively social life.

In the end, it is recommended to stay away from fast food as long as you are able to.

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