Diseases that can damage your bones

Diseases that can damage your bones

If you suffer from bone problems it is essential to know this. This is due to the fact that bones are an essential part of your body in a variety of ways. In the first place, bones play an essential part in healthy health.

A healthy bone structure helps one perform better in athletic activities. But, if you’ve got poor bone health, it could result in you developing various health conditions, such as osteoporosis.

Although this is mostly caused by age but there are other reasons to take note of. These are the most common reasons for poor bone health.

What Are The Diseases Of Bad Bone Health?

Heart disease

One of the elements that can play a part in the health of your bones can be your heart. If you suffer from a chronic heart problem, it could cause you to have bone problems due to the fact that a lot of substances in your body are utilized to treat heart issues.

These chemicals can weaken bones as time passes. This is especially true for those who are taking corticosteroids.

Thyroid-related diseases gland

If you suffer from a condition in the thyroid glands, this may cause the loss of bone. As time passes, this is due to the production of calcitonin. This hormone could weaken bones and lower the bone health.

Liver illnesses

The liver is a vitally significant role in relation to the creation of proteins. If you are suffering from an issue that prevents you from being able to make certain proteins that are essential and this causes an insufficient bone growth, and eventually poor bone health.

It is usually due to hormonal issues that are generally caused due to problems with the pituitary gland. This is sometimes referred to as hypopituitarism. Some people suffer from this problem often due to genetic inheritance which is commonly called hypopituitarism in the family.


If you suffer from diabetes it could result in having a poor bone health, mostly due to the A1C levels or called glycosylated hemoglobin.

The A1C amount can be used to determine the level of control you have with your diabetes. That means if the level is excessive and high, it indicates that you are not managing the condition well. This could result in issues such as osteoporosis, and hence the need for proper osteoporosis well-being management.


It is a condition in which there is an increase in levels of the hormone parathyroid in the body. It could result in an unhealthy bone condition because the hormone that parathyroid produces is responsible for making bones hard and brittle when there are excessive levels.


If you have rickets One of the things that can be observed will be that the growth plates begin to swell and bend into a bow because of the insufficient calcium present in the bones. Bones must be strong to be able to help your body.

This begins by having sufficient calcium in their bones. If not enough calcium is present and it makes the person weaker over time as the body starts taking calcium from bones and placing it in other tissues, like muscles. This is commonly referred to as osteomalacia.

Osteogenesis imperfect

It is a condition that causes weak bones. The condition is present from the age of birth. The term “osteoporosis” originates from two words that are osteogenesis. This is a reference to bone and genesis, which means the origin or beginning of something.

Imperfecta is the term used to describe not having an ideal bone structure, resulting in osteogenesis imperfecta, which is simply being in a state where bones are weak, and you are not able to maintain excellent Bone health.

Paget’s diseases of bone

This condition results in bones that get deformed with time because of the deformation caused by tissues that are damaged and an increase in the rate of bone turnover. The cells that make new bone tissue tend to expand over what is needed and as a result, the bone tissue is damaged, which results in poor bone health.


This can cause bones to deplete calcium and get deformed as certain amounts of calcium are absorbed into soft tissues such as muscles and skin, which makes them weak and ineffective to help your.

Things you can do to improve your bones

There are things could be done to build your bones, which includes the right way of life. You should avoid certain behaviors and have regular checkups to avoid issues that can cause bone problems are addressed.

A few of the points you should keep in mind in order to maintain an active lifestyle are avoiding certain habits like smoking cigarettes, which is often referred to as smoking cigarettes.

This habit causes you to have bone problems because nicotine in cigarettes can cause calcium disappear from your body and can lead to loss of bone.

Additionally, you should avoid drinking excessively, which is also known as alcoholism. It can affect bones as ethanol intake reduces calcium absorption and makes bones weak in the long run.


Other ways to stay away from excessive consumption of caffeine. Overexposure to sunlight and drug use. All three of these will cause increased production an enzyme known as Cyclooxygenase. This causes swelling and can weaken your bones.

Another method of strengthening your bones is by having an energizing diet with vitamins and minerals along with a regular consumption of foods high in calcium and foods that contain the mineral phosphate.

It is also recommended to cut down on the consumption of foods which contain magnesium as well as vitamin K. Ingestion of too much of these could result in an increase in the rate of bone turnover. This can result in bones that are weak, and therefore weaker than they should be.

It is important to be aware of the causes that cause bones weak. This is so that they can aid in preventing these conditions from occurring. The more information a person has about the condition, the better.

The simpler it is to identify any indications of these ailments. When they do, the treatment can begin. This will enable them to stay away from the painful ailments which are associated with medical issues. They can enjoy a life filled with enjoyment and laughter.

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